Current Projects

Current Projects

Disaster Resilient Linked Communities in Punjab Province of Pakistan 

UntitledCAMP has actively contributed in responding to natural and man-made disasters in Pakistan, as well as implemented several recovery and rehabilitation programmes.
Based on its experience in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of implementing a disaster preparedness project for communities, CAMP received funding from the Government of Germany to implement a similar project in the flood affected districts of Chiniot and Sargodha in Punjab province. The overall goal of the project is to make the local communities more resilient to disaster through preparedness initiatives.
CAMP will build on its experience to train and equip target communities; students in secondary schools, and district officials at districts Chiniot and Sargodha, who are most likely to be affected by floods (and other natural disasters) due to their proximity to rivers that are permanently flowing in the area.
The 30 month project, which started in April 2015, will train and equip Disaster Management Groups or DMGs (local male and female activists) in 140 target villages. The project will also strengthen the capacities of district government emergency team who are part of the district disaster management authorities; as well as work with secondary schools students and schools management to develop an understanding of disaster preparedness and highlight the importance in disaster prone areas. Finally the project will develop an information campaign with messages on disaster preparedness.
Disaster Mitigation Tool kits will also be distributed among 140 DMGs, District disaster management offices and 50 selected schools.

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“The Sister’s Voice” in Balochistan and Punjab

Sisters-Voice-e1455615194955“The Sisters’ Voice” is a two-year project funded by the Commonwealth Foundation. The project aims to improve advocacy for better implementation of women laws, through women-led CSOs in Balochistan and Punjab provinces.
While pro-women legislation has been promoted and adopted by the Government of Pakistan in recent years – including the Prevention of Anti-Women Practices (Criminal Law Amendment) Act 2011- there are gaps in enforcement. CAMP believes that women CSOs can play an integral role in highlighting women’s issues and the gaps in implementation of laws, thereby supporting the policy makers and state institutions.
CAMP will provide training to women from 40 women-led CSOs in a range of skills and knowledge, including awareness of existing laws and policies, and advocacy and networking skills. The organisations will constructively engage in dialogue with policy makers and state institutions through network meetings.
With improved knowledge, skills and linkages, it is hoped that women-led CSOs will play a more active role in advocating for better protection of women in Pakistan. The project started in October 2014.
Visit the Commonwealth Foundation website for information on CAMP’s Project – The Sisters’ Voice: Click here